ISSET 2021 Solution Category

The aim of the Audio Solutions Category is to award the authors of the most interesting audio solutions. The term “audio solution” means, among others, hardware / software devices, algorithms, computer applications and others related to sound engineering. This competition will be carried out in two stages:

Stage 1. Submission and initial qualification

To participate in the competition, you have to submit the audio solution to the CMT platform (, and attach the required files:

  • A short video (up to 10 minutes) with an overview and demonstration of how your audio solution works. Video format: MP4, resolution min. 720p, maximum file size 650 MB
  • Documentation of the audio solution in Polish or English (design, how it works, applications etc.) ;PDF file, max 1000 words

After the deadline for competition entry submission, the Scientific Committee will review them and make the initial qualification. The authors of the accepted entries will be informed about qualification to the next stage via e-mail.

Stage 2. Verification of the entry authenticity

The second stage of the Audio Solution Competition is to carry out the individual meetings of the Scientific Committee members with the participants to confirm authenticity of their work. During these meetings, the authors will present their solutions and answer the SC questions related to them. The meetings will be held in form of a video conferences. Therefore, the authors of the qualified solutions must have the appropriate equipment for online meetings (computer with Internet access, webcam, microphone or other devices for sound and video streaming). All meetings will be held before the Symposium begins, on dates determined by the Scientific Committee in consultation with the participants.

After conducting the meetings, the SC will select the best three ones. Their authors will became the so-called finalists, and will be obligated to prepare short presentations of their audio solutions. These presentations will be shown during Symposium. The information about the awarded recordings will be sent to their authors via e-mail. The official announcement of the competition results (1,2,3 place taken by the finalists) will take place during the ISSET 2021 Symposium.


  • May 23, 2021 – deadline for sending the competition applications with files
  • May 31, 2021 – deadline for accepting reduced conference fees
  • June 7, 2021 – e-mail information about the qualification to the Stage 2
  • June 16, 2021 – conducting all meetings within the Stage 2
  • June 20, 2021 – e-mail information to the finalists of the competition,
    with a request to prepare the presentations
  • During Symposium – announcement of results